Source code for pycallgraph.output.output

import re
import os
from distutils.spawn import find_executable

from ..exceptions import PyCallGraphException
from ..color import Color

[docs]class Output(object): '''Base class for all outputters.''' def __init__(self, **kwargs): self.node_color_func = self.node_color self.edge_color_func = self.edge_color self.node_label_func = self.node_label self.edge_label_func = self.edge_label # Update the defaults with anything from kwargs [setattr(self, k, v) for k, v in kwargs.iteritems()]
[docs] def set_config(self, config): ''' This is a quick hack to move the config variables set in Config into the output module config variables. ''' for k, v in config.__dict__.iteritems(): if hasattr(self, k) and callable(getattr(self, k)): continue setattr(self, k, v)
def node_color(self, node): value = float(node.time.fraction * 2 + node.calls.fraction) / 3 return Color.hsv(value / 2 + .5, value, 0.9) def edge_color(self, edge): value = float(edge.time.fraction * 2 + edge.calls.fraction) / 3 return Color.hsv(value / 2 + .5, value, 0.7) def node_label(self, node): parts = [ '{}', 'calls: {0.calls.value:n}', 'time: {0.time.value:f}s', ] if self.processor.config.memory: parts += [ 'memory in: {0.memory_in.value_human_bibyte}', 'memory out: {0.memory_out.value_human_bibyte}', ] return r'\n'.join(parts).format(node) def edge_label(self, edge): return '{}'.format(edge.calls.value)
[docs] def sanity_check(self): '''Basic checks for certain libraries or external applications. Raise or warn if there is a problem. ''' pass
@classmethod def add_arguments(cls, subparsers): pass def reset(self): pass def set_processor(self, processor): self.processor = processor
[docs] def start(self): '''Initialise variables after initial configuration.''' pass
[docs] def update(self): '''Called periodically during a trace, but only when should_update is set to True. ''' raise NotImplementedError('update')
[docs] def should_update(self): '''Return True if the update method should be called periodically.''' return False
[docs] def done(self): '''Called when the trace is complete and ready to be saved.''' raise NotImplementedError('done')
def ensure_binary(self, cmd): if find_executable(cmd): return raise PyCallGraphException( 'The command "{}" is required to be in your path.'.format(cmd)) def normalize_path(self, path): regex_user_expand = re.compile('\A~') if regex_user_expand.match(path): path = os.path.expanduser(path) else: path = os.path.expandvars(path) # expand, just in case return path def prepare_output_file(self): if self.fp is None: self.output_file = self.normalize_path(self.output_file) self.fp = open(self.output_file, 'wb') def verbose(self, text): self.processor.config.log_verbose(text) def debug(self, text): self.processor.config.log_debug(text) @classmethod def add_output_file(cls, subparser, defaults, help): subparser.add_argument( '-o', '--output-file', type=str, default=defaults.output_file, help=help, )